what fish can live with betta female

Betta fish are really appealing and easy to raise, Nevertheless they can also be aggressive toward other fish, and Many of us ponder if a male and also a female can live together. The limited reply is yes—but only on a really shorter-time period foundation. Watch complete remedy on petkeen.com

There's a coppery shimmer to your scales of the half-moon plakatbetta. In general, she reveals every one of the colors in the rainbow in delicate tints amidst her metalized sheen, supplying her a beautiful character.

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These fish are literally bred in particular areas of the earth with the intention of fighting from one another. A gill beard that drops down below the chin is characteristic of this assortment of males, which will likely be a bit thicker and even larger. 

The skin trait of this wide range is quite different from your plakatand it is a bit more challenging to breed in comparison to the plakat. 

Response: Of course, a one-gallon tank is certainly better for any betta compared to smaller cups the place they live during the fish shop. A one particular-gallon tank is likewise better for a betta than a mud puddle, a glass of lemonade or maybe a washing machine. Because it is better doesn’t signify it is female betta fish eggs right or correct.

There is an intense purple hue into the plakat betta. Furthermore, considering the fact that plakats don’t have their long-finned version of bettas to carry them again, They can be extra active than their long-finned counterparts. 

While still small, no less than you have some alternatives, and if you are doing it appropriate you won't compromise the well being of your fish.

A dwarf gourami is a foul option for just about anything less than five gallons, however, if that’s the tank size you’ve selected it may be an alternative. Gouramis are a

Though female betta fish are considerably less aggressive than males, they'll however fight. Usually they may claim their territory and develop a hierarchy.

But can neon tetra and betta fish coexist in the same tank peacefully? We have all read that bettas might be aggressive and attack other fish. The shorter answer is Certainly. In the correct situations, neon tetra and betta fish is usually tank mates. Watch full answer on thewittyfish.com

When the tank is ready up the right way, it’s time for the fish! It’s very best to add both equally within the same time so that no one has time to get territorial over sure Areas.

It is ideal to help keep fish that live at The underside with the aquarium, as they are unlikely to disturb your female betta fish. The following fish are excellent possibilities:

Of course. Even though, they really should not be kept with other female or male bettas as they might fight to Demise. However, in a larger tank, you could preserve them with scaled-down non-aggressive species like neon tetras and guppies.

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